Pearled Choker Cross Necklace

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If you’ve been looking for that one very special necklace that sends a subtle statement about your faith in an utterly beautiful way, you’re going to fall in love with our unique Pearled Choker Cross Necklace. What better way to show your love for Jesus than with gold-toned jewelry, faux pearls, and faux diamonds.

When you become a Christian, you join an exclusive club of people: human beings who know and love Jesus Christ.

Anyone who sees you wearing this necklace will instantly know that they’ve found a person with a like mind. In fact, they’ve found someone whose purpose in life is the same as theirs. They’ve found a special spiritual friend who has also committed to loving the savior with all of their heart and soul.


The first chain is elegant faux pearls with a delicate diamond-like pendant that’s set in gold-toned metal.

The second chain is a long chain of faux diamonds set in gold-toned metal.

The third chain is an intricately weaved gold chain with a large heart-shaped pendant. The pendant has a delicate cross in the middle and intricate detailing on the edges.


The beautiful Pearled Choker Cross Necklace is a great look for any occasion, whether a romantic evening out on the town or even for work.

Since it’s made with gold-toned metals, you won’t have to worry about the Pearled Choker Cross Necklace clashing with your other gold jewelry. Wear silver jewelry? Not a problem. The Pearled Choker Cross Necklace has silver tones as well, so it will go seamlessly from both your gold and silver jewelry wardrobe.

The Pearled Choker Cross Necklace looks exquisite with a low-cut or sleeveless shirt or dress. Pair it up with a diamond tennis bracelet or pearl bracelet for a polished look. Pearl or diamond earrings also work beautifully with the Pearled Choker Cross Necklace.


The first necklace (faux pearls) is 30cm plus 5cm in length.

The second necklace (faux diamonds) measures 32cm plus 5cm.

The third necklace (woven chain with heart and cross pendant) measures 39cm.


  • Weight: Approximately 21.8g

  • First Chain Length: 30cm + 5cm

  • Second Chain Length: 32cm + 5cm

  • Third Chain Length: 39cm

  • Color: Silver

  • Material: Alloy

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